Or why I am trying harder at e-commerce

Looking high and low for an honest way to pay my bills!

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday. It was not a good day at all in my household. Thank God for my wife. She keeps me sane.

Anyway, I have told you all before that I am/was a salesman in the vacation industry…

or what I learned along the way….

An Old Fashioned Country General Store in Smallville Anywhere

Now let me be perfectly clear, I still have not really started. And, Don’t get me wrong, I have tried. Like I stated in my previous post, I even googled “at home businesses”. Which led me to drop shipping.

Now if you are…

Done what? You might ask. I have never, ever, in my entire life, published anything online. (Well if you don’t count Facebook.) In Fact! I have never published anything, EVER!…… Doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna try!

You see, several months ago I tried to “open” an online store. The idea…

Tim Yates

I am just a working stiff, trying to make this world a little bit better place.

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